About Us

A Way of Life

If you are visiting this store, then you know the feeling. At some point in your life, you made a decision to walk into a gym, and your jiu jitsu journey began. It can be difficult to explain to people that have never had that feeling. Jiu Jitsu becomes a piece of your life, and helps to define you.
Our story is no different. The only regrets we have ever had in this way of life was that it didn't begin sooner. Looking to expand jiu jitsu's role in our lives, we opened Jitsu Armor.
Like Jiu Jitsu, this store is for practitioners of all levels, and from all walks of life.
At Jitsu Armor, we believe passionately in providing Quality and Selection at the best Price. These core values permeate all aspects of our business. Our goal is to provide you with an unparalleled shopping experience, and provide you the peace of mind that the quality and price of our products is unmatched.
We are adding products and features on a regular basis, so please consider book making our site, and check back often.
We welcome your feedback regarding your experience shopping with us, and any suggestions on improving service to our customers.